I am happy that Dr. Custer Deocaris started the "Luntiang Lunes"campaign in the Philippines to align with the global "Meatless Monday" campaign. 

The Philippines has one of the lowest vegetable consumption in Asia, and according to the news, despite of the high level of malnutrition among Filipino youths, Philippines has also become the 3rd fattest population next to Malaysia and Singapore.

Let us support this initiative. Embrace a healthier diet.
Encourage your family to eat vegetables, a healthier
substitute and a very good source of vitamins.  Giving up meat once a week is a good habit and not too much to ask, with the health and environmental benefits, it's really worth it.

So tonight, I will have fish and pinakbet on my plate instead. More Meatless Monday recipes on www.meatlessmonday.com. C'mon, let's join the cause!

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