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For the past few days, I've been thinking about my first blog entry. I don't know what to write first and what to write about. I guess, being a beginner, I'm not that organized yet. I had a lot of interesting topics on my mind these past few days, but I forgot everything. Yeah, it's very lame, but moving forward. I will make sure to write it in a piece of paper and then, maybe I will blog about it whenever I feel writing.

Most of us wanna travel around the world, some just "travel" around the web. I travel around the web all the time, how I wish I can travel around the world too. And the GOOD news is you can help me start travelling around the world, and perhaps, I can help you too! 

I just got an email from Lufthansa Airlines about their Facebook promo. (You can check the mechanics here). For selected territories, they giving out 2 Business Class tickets to any Lufthansa destination in Europe. All you have to do collect as many stamps as you can on your Virtual Postcard via Facebook.

As a social media fan, I am very excited about it, at least while your busy facebooking, you can have a chance to win a dream travel. Many friends ask me if this is a scam, no it's not. It is a legitimate promotion by Lufthansa Airlines. So if you enjoy helping your friends finish a mission on Mafia Wars, obtain a burner in Cafe World, giving out Poker chips or helping them grow their Pot Farm, I hope you would enjoy helping me get the stamps. To everyone reading this, especially if you are not in the Middle East (it means that you are not eligible ☺), please help me collect stamps for my post card...  Many thanks for your support.

You can just feel how frustrated I am to win this to even bother writing this entry. ☺

Well, travelling on a business class seat isn't bad at all. I wanna climb the Eiffel Tower!!!

Click the picture or STAMP HERE.
My Virtual Postcard

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