How did I end up in Saudi Arabia?

Photo by Marada M. Rasay
I had some thought of going abroad for work last year after I got my passport, I just didn't expect how quick it did materialize. I began browsing the web for jobs abroad in February. I never wanted to go to a recruitment agency without any prior appointment, and take a chance that a job that suits my qualification is available. I wasn't serious about applying for an international job. My mindset was, if it'll come, it will come. After my vacation in Dumaguete, last March, I received a call from one of the recruitment agencies I applied online. They scheduled me for an interview that week. I showed up and I was told to wait for the employers decision. A week after, I was told to undergo medical examination as I passed the interview. I was shocked after I was told that my possible deployment will be in the next
two weeks! Good thing it got delayed for another 2 weeks because of the Holy Week, government offices were closed for 3 days for the holiday, so they were unable to process the documents.

Since I didn't have the visa yet and the plane ticket, I decided not to tell anyone about it, I didn't want to spoil any information because if the visa application is denied, it will be an embarrassment on me bragging the "trip". My friends didn't know anything nor my officemates, that's why everyone was surprised when they learned about the news. My last 3 days in the Philippines were spent with family and friends for the celebration, celebrating what? me going out of their sights? I don't know.

My apology to all my friends whom I have not informed prior to leaving, and I thank you for all your support. Please include me in your prayers. I can't wait to see all of you again. I have 9 months more, help me count. 

To everyone who wants to try their luck abroad, please do research information about your destination country. Given that I wasn't serious about it, I never had research and it made it harder for me to adjust, I've learned from my mistake, I hope you do too.

Please visit again as I will share more entries about being an expat, an OFW. More tips and facts.

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