Facebook vs Google+

After 3 weeks of launching, Google’s social network, Google+, has already registered 20-million users and counting.

Google+ has some cool innovations, such as the ability to segment your circles of friends into different categories, the ability to conference chat with friends and even do video calls right from its pages.

Surprisingly, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO
is the most popular Google+ member having more than 20,000 in his circle. Many of us thinks that we will remain on Facebook as most of our friends use it. That's the same mindset we had when Facebook was just small and we're enjoying MySpace and Friendster, but those social sites are dead now. Though Friendster "reincarnated" as a different flatform whose mission is "cater" the 50% of the netizens who hates Facebook.

Facebook has 750 million users, and that is a strong number. But with lack of innovation, security and privacy concerns, Google+ might just overtake them. Facebook used to be unbeatable, but with a cooler Google+, the story could be different.

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