The Super Yacht

When I grow old, I want to have a mansion, at least 3 cars, a corporation, a private chopper, a charity and this super yacht! Wow, very ambitious, and impossible? Not quite. If you have to dream, dream big. Willie Revillame used to be an unknown drummer, and a movie extra. Manny Pacquiao used to sell pan de sal every morning in General Santos during his childhood. Look at them now, they are one of the wealthiest personalities in the Philippines. They had their fortune in their respective fields. And they can definitely afford this luxurious yacht.

Everything is possible through determination and persistence. Focus your energy to the direction that leads you to achieve your dream. I know, it is so easy to say, but in reality it is harder than we think. We just have to take risk, do what we can, and be inspired by the people we love.

In 20 years, you will be more disappointed by what you didnt do than by what you did.

Enough of the drama. I just wanted to share this very wonderful creation by Yacht Island Designa ship-building company based in the UK, the boat, or should we say, mobile island, has all the standard features of your typical floating palace: swimming pool, guest cabanas, helicopter landing
pad, bar, outdoor dining, a volcano. What? Yes, a volcano -- that spews water, not scorching magma. Two of the suites are located inside the faux rock formation, with guest rooms located on either side of the pool. To the rear is a deployable beach deck which allows access to the sea and all your water-based toys. And all of these are customizable! 

I think, I will spend my whole life working for this, and it won't be enough. LOL. Well, just enjoy the photo gallery and try to figure out how you can own this. ☺

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