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IQ Test
I watched a documentary called "Stupid in America". I am surprised that American public school was that bad. In the documentary, a public school in South Carolina is very incompetent despite the budget they are getting from the government. I never thought of it to be the case. Maybe because I look up to America as the home of the best universities in the world, but I realized, those were privately run. I also spent my elementary and secondary years in a public school in the Philippines, but the teachers and the school itself was competitive enough. Well, at least the school that I have gone to. The Philippine government has among the lowest spending on education in Asia. There have been a lot of debates in the Congress and in the Senate to uplift the quality of education in the country, I hope our legislators are ending up with the best measures.

According to  Intelligence and the Wealth and Poverty of Nations by Richard Lynn, the Philippines ranked 52  among 127 nations with an average IQ of 86 which is on the "dullness" range. Out of 127 nations, only 40 are on the range classified as "normal" or average intelligence (91-110), while none has an average IQ higher than that. (See the country ranking below.)

I was curious to learn what my IQ is, so I took an online IQ test on Free-IQTest.net(which they claimed to be accurate), and I scored 117, which is above average according to their classification. I am kinda proud of it because if I didn't score good, I would have not posted this blog entry. ☺ 

According to BBC:

"A person's Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is, arguably, one of their most important characteristics. It is believed that you can predict a person's behavior more accurately from their IQ than from any other single piece of information about them." 

There have been a lot of debates about intelligence. My teacher once told us, "No student is dumb, they are just too lazy to study." I'm sorry ma'am, I beg to disagree. I believe intelligence is in the genes, no matter how hard he study, if the person is dumb, he is always dumb. Am I mean enough?haha. Though, I believe, it can be improved by the way the school and the society is teaching you. Improvement, however, will be minimal as compared to those "who has intelligence in their genes".  

Some psychologist have came up with a different way of measuring intelligence,the multiple intelligence. You can be dumb on some but excel on the other. According to Psychologist Howard Gardner, there are seven types of intelligence. So don't worry if you don't excel academically, because you could be intelligent in music, dancing, sports, and interpersonal relationship. Let me tell you, I am really dumb when it comes to music and dancing, no matter how I study, it's just not for me. ☺

If you're curious what your IQ is, try the test. And don't be affected by people judging you based on your IQ, always remember that it's always your character that matters. 

IQ Range
140 and over
Genius or near genius
Very superior intelligence
Superior intelligence
Normal or average intelligence
Borderline deficiency
Below 70
Definite feeble-mindedness

IQ Ranking by Country

RankCountryIQ estimate
1 Hong Kong107
2 South Korea106
3 ^ Japan105
4 Taiwan104
5 Singapore103
6 * Austria102
6 ^ Germany102
6 ** Italy102
6 * Netherlands102
10 Sweden101
10 Switzerland101
12 Belgium100
12 ** China100
12 New Zealand100
12 ** United Kingdom100
16 Hungary99
16 Poland99
16 ** Spain99
19 Australia98
19 Denmark98
19 * France98
19 Mongolia98
19 Norway98
19 * United States98
25 Canada97
25 Czech Republic97
25 Finland97
28 Argentina96
28 ^ Russia96
28 Slovakia96
28 Uruguay96
32 ^ Portugal95
32 Slovenia95
34 Israel94
34 Romania94
36 Bulgaria93
36 Ireland93
36 * Greece93
39 Malaysia92
40 Thailand91
41 Croatia90
41 ^ Peru90
41 * * Turkey90

44 Colombia89
44 Indonesia89
44 Suriname89
47 Brazil87
47 * * Iraq87
47 ^ Mexico87
47 Samoa87
47 Tonga87
52 * Lebanon86
52 Philippines86
54 Cuba85
54 Morocco85
56 Fiji84
56 * Iran84
56 Marshall Islands84
56 Puerto Rico84
60 ** Egypt83
60 Saudi Arabia83
60 United Arab Emirates83
61 * India81
62 Ecuador80
63 Guatemala79
64 Barbados78
64 Nepal78
64 Qatar78
67 Zambia77
68 Congo73
68 Uganda73
70 Jamaica72
70 Kenya72
70 South Africa72
70 Sudan72
70 Tanzania72
75 Ghana71
76 Nigeria67
77 Guinea66
77 ^ Zimbabwe66
79 Democratic Republic of the Congo65
80 Sierra Leone64
81 Ethiopia63
82 Equatorial Guinea59

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