The Best Feature an I-Phone Will Have!

Just a week ago, Apple became America's most valuable company. A position previously held by GE and Microsoft. In 1990's, nobody thought that Apple can reach that success, but now everyone wants "an" Apple, I guess Steve Jobs is really doing his job.

More consumer are hooked into Apple's products because of its sleek and minimalists design. People are still buying an i-Phone and an i-Pad considering the higher price. They don't care if it hurts their savings, even during recession! People are crazy about it, on the day of the release of a new product, the lines, even before the stores open are incredible. The reason is, they love Apple's innovation.

Speaking of innovation, if recent rumors are true, not only will the individual consumers go crazy about the new feature, also it will create a buzz on Apple's newest target, the business consumers. If it is accurate,
Apple just patented a new feature for their product, they have been working on it since 2009, and now it is closer to reality.
Rumor says, that the i-Phone 5 will include a built-in projector, which is a very good tool for business presentation. Also it will change the way we share viral videos. There'll be no need to huddle together over someone’s shoulder to watch that Youtube clip. Now the videos can be projected on the nearest wall or maybe even as a hologram, just like science fiction movies.

So Apple says, this changes everything. Again.

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