Wanted: SugarBabies

I don't know how I came up with this website. ☺
But I just wanna share this to the people who might need this.Hahaha.

So, for those who are interested/looking for a SugarDaddy/SugarMommy, or if you are SugarDaddy/SugarMommy wannabee looking for a Sugar Baby, here's is a site for perfect for you, a website called SeekingArrangement.com.

For "rich and successful. Single or married" SugarDaddies(Mommies), you can set up an online profile that reveals the amount in your bank accounts and the monthly allowance you can provide to a willing Sugarbaby. That allowance must be at least $1000 or up. One more thing, there is a $50 monthly membership fee.☺

But for SugarBabies, who are ideally "attractive, ambitious and young," membership on the site is free.

As the website asks, "You seek a generous benefactor to pamper, mentor and take care of you, perhaps to help you financially?" 

Enough of promoting the website, just go there if you are interested. ☺

Internet 'dating' for money is somewhat popular in the Philippines, especially in the countryside. Or even in the Metro. I used to go to internet cafe's before and there are a number of ladies chatting with some foreigner's looking for an exotic girlfriend. Hahaha. But if it means a better life, why not? It's their choice. At least, they don't go to the streets and resort to prostitution. As long as it is voluntary, I am not against it. They are old enough to make a mature decision.

The primary reason for internet dating, specifically with a foreigner, is basically for money. Though some may be in denial of this fact. But actually, this is not applicable to everyone. I know a girl, an old schoolmate, she had a relationship with a foreigner just to have a cute son.

The children of two interracial couple is normally cute and they grow attractive, look at the Philippine celebrities. The book "Breeding Between the Lines", explains why interracial people are healthier and more attractive, just in case you wanna check it out too.

Well, I have to end this now before they send me to jail for promoting (sort of) prostitution. ☺

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