Make Your Stay Abroad Worthwhile

Living and working abroad is an interesting experience. You will meet a lot of other nationalities, you'll get to work with them, interact in a day-to-day basis. There are few things I learned to make my stay worthwhile.

 1. Start learning the local language.
For sure, it will be very hard, but at least make an effort to learn. It can be helpful to your job. It will help you communicate better to the locals. Once in a while, you will meet someone who doesn't speak English at all. Surf the net for some basic lessons and interact with native speakers. Learning a new language is fun.

2. Never Argue
If you are fond of arguing in your native land, leave that habit. You are in a foreign country, you don't want to be in trouble. Do not ever argue in any topic, think before you respond. If you think it can be offensive, keep it to yourself. Use your judgment. Arguing is only productive if you are in the congress, well, not even.

 3. Follow Rules
Make yourself aware of the country's strict laws. Most of their laws can be similar to your originating country's law, but the punishment will be different. It can be heavier than you expect.

4. Respect its Culture
Cultural difference is a given. Respect their tradition as how you want your tradition to be respected. Learn to respect and you will earn it.

5. Be friendly but not too much
Yeah, you were crowned as the Mr. or Ms. Congeniality and friendliness is your best asset, but don't do it too much. You probably know what is too much, right? I was told once in a seminar, if you are abroad, not to trust people too much, even if you have the same nationality.

Adjustment is a process, a process of moving on. If you are used to doing things in your native land, and those things are never allowed in the country you're in, you have to stop it. As a foreigner, you have, you need and you must obey their rules.

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