Internet Explorer is for Dumb Users, study suggests

I came up with this interesting and very controversial story on Yahoo about a study stating that if you are an Internet Explorer user, you are likely to have a lower IQ than those who uses Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera.

It is based on an online study participated by more than 100,000 people as conducted by AptiQuant Psychometric Consulting Co.

I remember when I was in first year college, I was told to do research on browsers. I was an IE user then. At that time, IE had the biggest share on
the browser market. As years past, other browsers had taken a pie on the significantly high market share of Microsoft's browser due to its poor performance and a slow response on bug issues.

Most web developers hate Internet Explorer as it does not comply with the W3C standards. Try to view this blog on an older IE browser, it will be different. It won't read some of the CSS and javascripts.

When I was still working with usairways.com as a Technical support rep, we had a lot of complaints about the websites functionality especially on printing the boarding passes, most of these complaints came from customers who uses Internet Explorer. So, the normal troubleshooting method is to ask customer to download Firefox instead. And it was pretty effective, as the website functions properly if viewed on Firefox rather than IE. (Our company was using IE on all the workstations, but I had a really intelligent colleague who was able to download Firefox despite of the company's powerful firewall. We then distributed it to everyone.)
My Blog Audience

I am happy that most of the visitors of this blog uses Chrome. So, can I conclude that I have the smart audience?

I ask one IE user,

ME: what is Internet Explorer?
IE User: The cousin of Dora, the Explorer.

I'm just kidding. Maybe those IE users who are reading this now would like kill me. I'm sorry, I'm not saying that IE users are dumb. I don't know how the study was done, but a group of loyal Internet Explorer users is planning to sue the consulting company.

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