Worst, Funniest and Best Planking Photos

Look who's planking? Yes, you're right. It's Justin Beiber!

Planking is gaining world popularity by storm. I came up with this entry because I see a lot of people on Facebook who are interested in it. It made me curious, so I did a little research.

What is planking? The phenomenon of planking involves lying face down in a public place - the stranger the better - and posting photos on social networking sites such as Facebook. Aficionados lie expressionless with a straight body, hands by their sides and toes pointing into the ground.

It is now a craze around the world and is believed to have originated from Australia. (I wonder if Kangaroos also play planking?)

According to BBC News, a man has died in Australia after taking part in the internet phenomenon of planking. The victim, a man in his 20s, fell from a balcony railing in Brisbane while a friend photographed him, according to police.

As the rule of the game says, the more dangerous and strange your planking is, the BETTER. Below are the craziest planking photos that you can ever see. You can always join the craze, AT YOUR OWN RISK. So, what's in your mind?

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