Getting A Job Abroad

So you are really interested working outside the country? For sure it will be hard in the beginning. It needs a lot of adjustment and sacrifice. But before you can start working, you have to have to look for the job, and that's even harder. Some just got lucky to get it quickly, and most waited for a very long time. There are a lot of jobs posted in WorkAbroad and other websites. Online application is the most convenient way of looking for a job abroad. To make things easier, here are some tips.

  • Have your documents.

Before browsing the web or driving your way to the recruitment agency, make sure to have the necessary documents, your school transcript, diploma, training certificates and your passport ready. Also, secure few photocopies.

  • Identify your goals.

Do you want to work only in the same industry you are in, or are you willing to work in an industry somewhat related to your previous job? Do you have a specific country you want to go to? What are your salary expectations? You have to ask yourself these questions. The answers will be able to help you decide wether or not to accept the offer.

  • Use your network

Contact your college friends and previous officemates. They might know a good recruitment agency or  a job that you are qualified for.

  • Research, research

Make sure you are clear on what your job responsibilities will be. If you found a job through  a recruitment agency, make sure to verify if they are authorized by the government.

Looking for the job is the first step. Good luck on your job hunting. As one wise man said, “The grass is only greener on the other side if you’re not afraid to climb the fence.”

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