Sony Cybershot TX55 - World's Thinnest Camera

To all aspiring photographers out there, by September, Sony will be releasing the World's Thinnest Camera,the Sony Cybershot TX55.

This 16.2 megapixel camera is only 12.2 mm thick with a 3.3 inch OLED touchscreen. This is as handy as an iPhone. The best feature of this camera is that it can simultaneously shoot a 12 megapixel photo while recording an HD video making sure that all moments are captured!

It has also a pixel-perfect 10x zoom,the upgraded digital zoom. "Pixel-perfect zoom" because it has a built-in
database to match tone and contrast to boost zoom range without loss of quality, unlike other cameras which  simply crops and enlarges a section of the photo and lowers the overall resolution and sharpness of the image.

Price in the US will be at $350. I think it is cheap enough for a camera with all those capabilities. I wish I can buy one!

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