6 Tips to Get that Promo Fare

Frustrated over Air Ticket Promos?

I since thought of travelling around the Philippines. You can travel its more than 7100 islands by land or by sea but it will consume most of your time on the road. Travelling by air used to be the last option for travelling in the Philippines because of the expensive airline tickets. It used to be that way until Cebu Pacific Air had introduced a low-cost carrier model that made air travel more affordable to Filipinos. Since then, other airlines such as Zest Air, and even Philippine Airlines through its subsidiary, AirPhil Express followed the trend. There are now a good number of low cost airlnes operating in Asia. And they are surprisingly more profitable as compared to the legacy airlines.

I have an uncanny ear on airline ticket promos. I gotten a couple of tickets on an incredibly low fares! Most of my friends never get the promo fares. They were asking me how I gotten those tickets. Most of them thought of the promotion as a scam and felt that the airline promos gets more angry customers than satisfied ones. The thing is, airlines run promotions to introduce their services and they only give few number of seats! Of course, they can't afford to put all the seats on sale or else they will run out of business. Maybe they only have less than five tickets on promo fares on every flight, or only two, we really can't tell. The fact is promo tickets are "good while supplies last". It a first come first serve basis, fastest fingers first.

Let me give you some tips on how to get these promo fares.

1. Get Social

Most of the airlines now uses the power of social media. They use Facebook and Twitter for promotional updates. Delta Airlines and Malaysian Airlines have their own facebook app for booking reservations or checking in for a flight, they also post Sale updates on their Fan Pages. United Airlines even introduced a Twitter-only fares, they call it "Twares".

2. Sign Up for Emails

Airlines send promo emails to their subscribers. So you get to know what the latest promo is.

3. Have a reliable connection

A good internet connection is very essential. These seats sell extremely fast because the prices are unbeatable. If you're using a dial-up and it takes 3 minutes to load a whole page, well, good luck.

4. Be flexible

If the promo fare is not available on the day you wanted, perhaps you can consider travelling a day after or a day before or you can consider going to a different destination instead. Tip: Travelling on weekdays will give you a better chance than searching for a weekend travel.

5. Act fast

If you find a really good deal, buy it immediately! Remember, prices are not guaranteed until ticket is purchased. Only if you think it is really a good deal. If it is just worth a cup of a Starbucks coffee, then why not.

6. Be patient

If you were not lucky enough to get the tickets. Don't worry, just wait. Airlines run promotions from time to time.

I hope this helps.

One of the Cheapest Ticket I got!

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