Tips on How to Save Money on Plane Tickets

Money is always a big issue when deciding to fly somewhere exotic or historical; can you afford to see all the sights and live comfortably? It's never easy to balance what you want to do and what your disposable income allows for.

In order to stretch your money the furthest, you need to look for deals from the get-go. All it takes is a little research and creativity, and with the savings, you will be better equipped to experience your destination to the fullest. 

Check my tips.

1. Travel During The Low Season
The easiest way to save money on flights is by travelling during low season. It will give you a big savings on a plane ticket. Not only that, you'll also find the attractions and hotels less crowded.

2. Book Early
Those who only have vacation time during the busy holidays and breaks can still find ways to save on their plane tickets. One method is to book months in advance. Those who buy tickets a year or eight months -- even three months in advance -- will find prices to be quite reasonable. 

3. Fly During The Week
Similarly, travelers who book flights that leave in the middle of the week often receive discounted prices. The reason is simple: Most people prefer traveling on the weekend, whether it's for business or pleasure. Pick a flight that leaves on a Wednesday, for example, and you could save extra bucks.

4. Go Standby
A popular method of traveling among backpackers, students and the thrifty is flying standby. Airlines will inform these people of a flight opening only hours or minutes in advance; it is up to the traveler to be at the airport, ready to hop on a plane. As a "reward" for filling seats on short notice, standby fliers usually pay for tickets at discounted prices. If you're alone or simply don't mind the short notice, this is a good way to lower your flight cost.

5. Consider A Stopover
Often, if you give travel agents a date of departure and a destination, they will return with dozens of opportunities. Many will disregard flights with stopovers because they're an inconvenience. The next time you travel, however, consider booking a flight with a stopover; you might have to sit at the airport for a while between flights, but you can save a substantial amount of money.

6. Browse the Web
That, probably is the best way to research the best prices. I guess I'm not going to elaborate more on this one, or else my job is at risk.

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