Free Facebook For Mobile Users

Time to rejoice, all Facebook addicts! Facebook is now very popular on smart phones and is now increasing it's popularity on the "dumb" phones, meaning it will now be available for basic MMS phones. It is a good news for those who are not using fancy phones like iPhone or Android handsets.

 Facebook for Every Phone app is affordable to try and use because Facebook has collaborated with many carriers worldwide (see list below) to offer free data access to this app for 90 days.This experience is optimized to use less data than other Java apps or mobile sites, making it much more affordable for people to use when the 90-day period ends.

 This app not only includes Facebook’s most popular
features, such as News Feed, Inbox, and Photos, but also enables you to upload photos and find friends from your phone’s contacts.  People all over the world can download the app by visiting m.facebook.com and scrolling down to the download link, or by enteringd.facebook.com/install directly into their mobile browser.

The Facebook for Every Phone app will be available globally on Java-enabled phones starting today, and they are working on making the app compatible with even more handsets in the future.

For more information on how to download and use this application, you can check out the video below.

Carriers offering free data access for a limited time:
•   Aircel (India)
•   Airtel (India)
•   Banglalink (Bangladesh)
•   Beeline (Russia)
•   Etisalat (Egypt, Nigeria)
•   Globe (Philippines)
•   Idea (India)
•   O2 Telefonica (Germany)
•   Reliance (India)
•   Smart (Philippines)
•   Smartfren (Indonesia)
•   Telkomsel (Indonesia)
•   Three (Indonesia, United Kingdom)
•   TIM (Brazil)
•   TMN (Portugal)
•   Ufone (Pakistan)
•   Vodafone (Turkey)


Here are the instructions for download:
  • Make sure your phone is set up to access SMART Mobile Internet by texting SET to 211 for FREE.
  • Your phone should be Java-capable. (it can run java games and other java apps)
  • To start the download, text “FB” to 211.
  • You will get a confirmation SMS. Click on the download link to go the mobile browser.
  • Click “Download Facebook”. The app will install automatically after successful download.
  • Once installed, you can enjoy your Facebook app FREE for 90 days (until October 14).
To continue using the app for free, use only the Facebook functions.  Clicking on the “Apps” icon will lead you to non-Facebook sections and you will be charged standard data browsing rates.
Enjoy Facebooking! ☺


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