China faked an entire Apple Store

China has an extra 4 Apple store which are not registered as authorized distributors. They are not enough of faking the brand, they faked the whole store! What is with China that they can do all of these?  The Chinese government is seemed to be blind about these practices.

China has confirm itself as the "King of Counterfeiters". They even constructed a shopping center dedicated to fake brands. Some of the brand impostors at the mall in
Nanjing, east of Shanghai, include a McDonalds look-a-like burger bar called McDnoald’s, a Starbucks-style coffee shop called Bucksstar Coffee, and a wannabe Pizza Hut called Pizza Huh.

A lot of  "class A" counterfeits are heavily available in the market. China's neighboring countries seemed to patronized these products. They are favored for it's relatively cheap price as compared to it's original brand. An exact replica can be bought for as low as 10% - 35% of the cost of the authentic product. But of course you can expect only 10% of the quality as well.

It looks like China can't produced an original brand for them. They have the resources, the pool of talents out of the billions of people they have. I just don't know why they can't establish their own identity  (on products). China phones, fake Rolex watches and a lot to name others. What happened to the international Intellectual Property Rights? Why these Chinese continue to enjoy this industry? I guess, as long as people buy, China counterfeiting will never stop.

"In the beginning God made heaven and earth, and everything else is made in China"

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