Alex Jones Predicts 9/11-like Terrorist attack in U.S. on his July 25, 2001 Show

How would this guy be able to predict what's going to happen? Is this a coincidence, or it's just that 9/11 was actually an inside job? Did America actually planned this "act of terrorism" to get control of the Middle East and be able to invade the oil-rich continent? Not to mention the $3 trillion investigation fund. [ 9/11 (911) is the American emergency hotline.] Just wanna share this video and let you understand why I was wondering. Watch this 2:17 secs video.

Alex Jones calls it "Operation Expose Government Terrorists." On July 25, 2001, he predicted (based on his sources within government intelligence agencies) that there would be a terror attack on U.S. soil to be blamed on someone "like Bin Laden." He goes on to warn people, ask them to warn others and to call the White House, explaining to the government that if there is a terrorist attack, we know who is behind it and to stop that terror attack.

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